Phono Treatment


Phono is another form of ultrasound that is used on the face for rejuvenation treatments. This treatment is different from cryo as this treatment uses a warm tip to help open the pores of the skin. This opening of the pores creates channels for vitamins under the skin to move around more freely the main one being Vitamin E.


The treatment can last 15-30 minutes per session depending on the treatment.

What Is Phono Used For


Phono can be used for the following.


  • Dry skin

  • Blocked Pores

  • Anyone who wants to pamper himself or herself

  • After IPL treatments


After Treatment/ Results

Your skin will feel firm, fresh, and less dry after treatment

Radio Frequency Therapy (RF)


Radio Frequency Therapy uses radio frequencies to penetrate through the skin and fat layers down to the collagen level; this, in turn, helps to repair the collagen cells.


To help one better understand the process involved in this procedure we need to talk a little bit about collagens structure.


When we are younger collagen maintains a nice sturdy rigid cell shape to help keep our skin nice and tight enduring all we can throw at it. Over the years collagen can only hold this sturdy rigid cell form for so long before it starts to tire out allowing the cell to become more relaxed and in turn, the skin loses that tightness it once had.


Radio Frequency is also used to help with fat reduction in trouble areas. The radio frequencies once reaching the fat cells the radio waves start to heat up the fat cells. Once the fat cells reach a certain level of heat they will start to slowly burst, after this happens the body will naturally flush out the burst cells.


What Is Radio Frequency Used For


Radio frequency can be used for Lifting and tightening of the face and as a slimming treatment for both the face and body.


After Treatment/ Results


Similar to Thermage after the treatments you will see immediate results. To see the full results you will need to perform 20-30 sessions per year as the radio frequency is much less than that of Thermage. After 1-2 months of treatment, you will see more contouring and a better shape. Radio Frequency is generally for those who have moderate cases, those who do not want to deal with much pain, and those who have the ability to come in weekly.

Fat reduction

Results will vary depending on the area(s) being treated.