What is Fraxel Laser?


Fraxel Laser is as Co2 laser that can be adjusted to various levels of intensity to treat minor to severe skin conditions. Fraxel Laser also has the benefit of minimal down time and post recovery care.


Fraxel works by creating microscopic holes in the skin layers and a slight burn similar to sunburn on the top layer to force that area to peel. Once the area starts to peel similar to sunburn new skin cells start to grow and regenerate. 

Laser treatments normally require multiple sessions as each session destroys the old bad skin cells to allow new cells to grow. For those looking for tattoo and scar removal the Fraxel will work in the same way.


For growth removal procedures the laser acts like a knife safely cutting the growth leaving a smooth area for cells to produce a new layer of skin.


What can Fraxel Laser fillers be used for?


Fraxel is able to treat many skin disorders; below you will find the most commonly treated ones.


  • Acne

  • Scars

  • Moles

  • Birthmarks

  • Tattoos

  • Skin rejuvenation for any type of skin

  • Small fine line removal


After Treatment/ Results


Some patients experience mild sunburn as a side effect afterwards that generally clears up with in 1-2 days after treatment. Since Fraxel works with your natural skin cells full results will show in 1-3 weeks. Best results are normally seen after 3-5 treatments with a treatment once a month. Many patients who perform the treatment as a continuous monthly routine tend to have little to no breakouts and longer lasting smooth skin.