Growth Factor from Stem Cells

This treatment uses growth factor extracts from normal stem cells which are then injected at key points around the face.  As our body ages, it produces less growth factor this in turn results in the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, adult acne, and other signs of aging. To counteract these problems we can use this form of growth factor. The end result beyond helping with the above issues will be a more youthful and firmer appearance.



Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy​


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PPR) Therapy is most commonly referred to as the "Vampire Face Lift";

PPR is a special procedure that utilizes your very own natural cells to be turned into a natural type of filler. PPR is similar to filler as it adds volume to low volume areas, contours, and sculpt skin into a new rejuvenated appearance. PPR also restores old cells that require additional nutrients back to their youthfulness over time.


Since this procedure is not entirely the same as traditional dermal fillers. With this procedure we utilize your own cells from your blood, we then separate the specific elements with a special process. For those who are interested in this procedure, Dr. Nick can provide further information during a consult.

What Can PPR Be Used For


PPR is primarily used for total face-lifts and total skin rejuvenation.


After Treatment/ Results


Once the procedure is finished you will see immediate results, the process will require some additional time. Once the area has had a short time to heal you will see the full effects of this procedure. With PPR you will not experience any swelling, as the natural filler will not absorb water as you would with traditional filler. You will also experience a natural feeling, and over time this will help to regenerate cells all over the body.