What Is A Thread Lift?


Thread lifting is one of Dr. Nick’s favorite specialties, which he has worked a long time to perfect his techniques in combination with the traditional methods. Threading is a delicate technique in which one must have a well-understood knowledge of anatomy (especially facial anatomy), and the aging process in order to properly perform this procedure and achieve amazing results.


Threading involves a process in which threads utilizing the V-CROSS thread or double barbed are literally threaded into an area to tighten and lift.

Each thread once inserted under the skin is pulled to a specific tension and locking it in place.


What Can Thread Lifts Be Used For?


At Refine we have 6 primary Threading procedures that we perform, this is not to say that we cannot use this technique for other problem areas.


  • Full-face lift

  • Neck lift

  • Tummy lift

  • Arm lift

  • Thigh lift

  • Butt lift

After Treatment/ Results


Once the procedure is finished you will already experience a more youthful or enhanced appearance. A short while after the area has had time to heal you will see the full effects of this procedure. Once healed the threads are safely dissolved and absorbed by a natural process in your body.


Threading also has a few advantages over some more traditional methods.


1. Longer lasting effect than some other conventional treatments

2. Less costly than plastic surgery

3. Minimal down time