Vitamin Booster Injections


We all know we need a certain amount of vitamins daily for our body to function properly; and that we receive these vitamins from the foods and beverages we consume some vitamins more than others. In some cases, we may lack the recommended amount due to either medical conditions or just simply not consuming products that contain as much which contain the required vitamins and nutrients


The issue with this is that our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins to our blood system at a time when ingested; these amounts are generally small. When ingesting large amounts of a vitamin your body will use only a small portion and the rest will be wasted through natural processes. To counter this issue we inject high dosages of vitamins directly into your bloodstream through your vein. With this process, the body does not have to wait for it to be absorbed into the blood system allowing it to absorb large amounts and distribute them throughout the body immediately and effectively.


What Vitamin Cocktails Are Available/ What Are The Benefits


Vitamin B- Group


The Vitamin B group has many benefits to offer which help enhance your body and mind. We offer 3 different forms of Vitamin B booster injections, B-Complex (B1, B6, B12), B-5, and B-12.


The Vitamin B-12 booster is not a new treatment, but it has become very popular amongst Hollywood actors and athletes around the globe. The booster is a high mega dose that is injected directly into your vein offering many beneficial enhancements listed below.


  1. Healthy skin, nails, and hair

  2. Immunity booster

  3. Reduction of the signs of aging

  4. Help treat acne

  5. Reduce skin disorders (eczema)

  6. Help reduce muscle cramps and night leg cramps

  7. Brain growth and enhancement

  8. Concentration enhancement

  9. Mood enhancement

  10. Energy enhancement

  11. Athletic Performance

  12. Fat burning enhancement by effectively using the fats, carbs, and proteins from your daily intake.


Vitamin B-5 shares the same benefits of B-12 except that it has a lower effect. B-5 has a stronger role in providing strength to hair, hair follicles, nails, increases the moisture of the skin, and increases joint collagen. This injection is not injected into your bloodstream but instead your muscle for the best absorption into the body.


Vitamin B-complex, unlike our other vitamin boosters, is a mixture of B-1, B-6, and B-12. The reason for the complex is that best results are obtained when a high dose mixture of all three vitamins are injected at the same time to maximize the booster results. The three vitamins offer the same benefits as the B-12, but this complex is intended for those who are unable to take in enough B-1 and B-6 due to food allergies. This complex is not intended for the average person who is able to eat foods rich in vitamins B-1 and B-6, this is not to say that you can not receive this booster.


Vitamin C- Group


Vitamin C boosters also provide beneficial results to the body, which when combined together with the Vitamin B boosters will provide the maximum results.


Vitamin C first helps to detox your system flushing out the bad and allowing the body to start a better recovery process. Vitamin C megadoses help to improve the skin by allowing the body to absorb a large amount in a short time period. This will help the cells to grow, divide, and create newer cells to promote healthier skin.


The Vitamin C booster combined with any of the treatments we offer helps maximize the results and help decrease the downtime after treatment due to the mega dose.

After Treatment/ Results


Results will be seen slowly as your body requires time to distribute the vitamins accordingly. The best results are seen from continuous course treatments every 5-7 days.


We offer vitamin therapy treatments in the form of quick mega-dose IV injections and also IV Drips.